SOFRESHNG- FOOD REVIEW : Healthy Meal in a pack!   

It’s wasn’t so hard for  SOFRESHNG  healthy meals to find it way to my heart and settle because it is absolute!

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Salad From SOFRESHNG

If you are from my instagram,  then this is a detailed post on Sofreshng, also,  if you  stumbled upon this post from a web search, then this is definitely the Weight Loss and Healthy Meal way you are looking for.

                    MY THOUGHTS

I had the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Salad and it was a “flight and tales” for me.  I savoured at it, rushing every bite until my sister called me to order (smiles).

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Salad Box 🔥

One of the many portions I had ☺ !

Below is a not-so-detailed  things you should know about them. 



They offer services all day of the week and can deliver within the day as specified somewhere below.


Licensed, Neighborhood market,  Diet meals,  Vegetarian friendly.

PHONE; +234 80 7171 7010 (Abuja office)

Customer Service; They have one of the best customer service ever.  Their agents are natural and personable, as attentive and mild.

PRO TIPS- Don’t expect too much chicken because they are serving you a healthy meal and not some “junks and chills dish” (winks and blushes).

The chicken pool isn’t so deep ; Remember it is a healthy meal, so no-to-much chicken!!


They offer a variety of healthy meals and drinkables in forms you can’t even imagine 💝

  1. Salads
  2. Smoothies
  3. Parfaits and fruits packs
  4. Wraps and Sandwich
  5. Kids menu
  6. Special fruit arrangement
  7. Fruits basket
  8. Healthy bites
  9. And a fruit marketplace.

   They also have plans like; 

  1. Weight loss Program plan
  2. Meal plans
  3. Events and Catering
  4. And the Detox and Juice Plan. But I went for my SSCS

GO-TO DISH – Sweet and Spicy Chicken Salad. 

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Salad Photo by Dear Salmah!

DELIVERY ; Price varies per-location but I paid “N1000 for Life Camp Abuja” where i received my order.
 (Click here all locations price list) 















PRICES;  2200 for sweet and spicy chicken salad I had. (For full menu /price  others click here )



LOCATION ( for Abuja) 


1 Agadez Crescent, Off Amino Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja



      How I found SOFRESHNG

 After viewing my favorite instagram story Umeetaa_x , I was surprised to find out that My Number one Dear_salmah posted a story too and I rushed to view it and boohoooo,  I saw a nutritious picture of a food from them (SOFRESHNG)

Thank you for reading and I hope you buy from them.

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Sahni Waiman; A day in my life 

I’m currently en route to Abuja from Nasarawa Toto to visit my sick girl at Zankel Hospital Mabushi after taking a work break.  

I am about to share an epic “about-just-now-gist” with you 😂. 

 A guy begged me for money !!

08:50am Nigeria Time. 
Dressed up in my Kaftan from beaurifl and glowing all up,  but waiting by the road side for a commercial vehicle though ☺,  he passed me by and made a turn (he was on a bike) , greeted me and started explaining his ordeals. 

 His wife is unconscious and at the hospital,  he lost their new-born and since she’s still recuperating,  he is stucked with bills to pay and he sees that God has blessed me therefore, I should help him and his wife with money.  

9:39am I just boarded a vehicle going to Gwagwalada from Abaji and it’s super hot in here,  with the driver apparently not ready to go ‘because he’s searching for passengers to fill in the car. ‘

I got a bus heading to Berger from Gwagwalada at about 10:33am and ‘oh yeah’ he has also been doing the “stop-and-carry” too. 

My outfit is properly squeezed out already you know. 

A huge Bill Board at Berger Bridge

I arrived Berger at 11:25am and crossed over to the Life Camp avenue route so I can board a taxi along with many other people to the life camp bus stop and then to my house at the First Gate area. 

I can’t wait to get home because I am waiting for my Sweet and spicy Chicken salad from Sofreshng (a review would be up after I taste it) 
I ended up taking a ”Drop” because I felt I couldn’t meet up with my supposed delivery from Sofreshng  and that was making my tommy hurt 😂. 

I got home at last ! 

I got my delivery,  enjoyed every bit of it, **Tap to see review ** and went off to Zankli Hospital Mabushi to visit my sick girlfriend who had a surgery done on her.  

Me at Zankli Hospital Mabushi Area

I stayed for 3hours at the hospital,  took some pictures and left for life camp, so I can proceed to Nasarawa  town as a sudden appointment fitted through while I was in the mix of getting my day fulfilled. 
Few minutes later, I was already on my way to Nyanya-Mararaba  after boarding a bus at Berger Bridge Bus-Stop. 

Mararaba Karu

I arrived Keffi at about  5:50pm  and immediately boarded a bus headed to Nasarawa Town.  Unfortunately for me,  the Vehicle decelerated and stop at Marmara and I had to stop another vehicle after waiting for over an hour for the driver to fix it (out of what we call ‘guilt’ but hey ! Didn’t I pay for the ride and don’t you have leave for your decisions?!) 
When I arrived  Nasarawa, it was already 8pm and I was so tired and stressed out but still,  I had to refresh and get ready for my meeting slated for 9pm which of course was a huge  success. 

Did you read my review on Sofreshng  Sweet and spicy chicken salad yet?  Click to read it! 

A portion of the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Salad from Sofreshng 🔥 🔥

Thanks for staying to the end 🙏🎉

This is my first chronicle on ”A day in my life and below would be listed “The Lessons you should get as tip for your personal development”

  1. The significance of a to-do can not be overemphasized.
  2. You can start something good suddenly and it would not be too late
  3. You don’t always have to meet up your maximum time frame but it doesn’t mean you should cancel it after the time elapses (I had to close my wordpress app and focus of the details of my meeting and just completed this blog post a day later.
  4. No matter how tight your schedules are,  you can do that thing! 
  5. Suddenly or not,  you can ditch your break for work.  If you know the worth of what and why and how. 
  6. Do it anyways. Just do it if you are freaking sure it’s the right thing. 
  7. Find time to visit your loved ones. 
  8. Eat healthy meals like the one I got from Sofreshng

Rape and Assault; Victim Blaming. 

Rape is fast becoming an epidemic problem in our society with the incidence hiking up daily.  It ranges from cases of date, strangers,  friends,  relatives and even parents rape.

While many try to talk ways towards ending it,  a better number of the population allot  blames in folds to the perpetrators and annoyingly to the victims.

 It is the work of the devil……

That is what every exposed rapist says when about to be punished.

Victim Blaming


 Due to the wide acceptance of ‘rape myth’ , victims are held responsible for their victimization.

Sadly, the Society is usually more forgiving of date rape perpetrators  and attributes a higher level of blame and criticism to date rape victims than to stranger rape victims.

It is said that people blame victims of assault because according to the theory of  ‘just world’, people get what they deserve and deserve what they get.

People believe that good things happen to good people and the bad things to bad people.

Just World believers agree that  the world is safe and protected even in the face of harsh reality. And this belief extends to rape.  They preserve their beliefs by distracting the victims suffering or in fact blaming them for what happened.
A researcher,  Walster (1966) suggests that people judge the severity of events as a function of harm caused. If the victim is not severely harmed, the event is seen as an accident. However, as the level of harm increases, the fear that ‘‘this could happen to me’’ also increases.

Most people blame the victims just so they could feel a sense of control, safety, and protection from the rape. They do not want to agree or believe it to be reasonable that the victims could be victims and therefore, even they do could be.

Do you know what it means to blame a victim ?

Victim Blaming is such a vile thing done by lots due to their careless form of interactions and usually in an effort to make sense and to be heard.

It ranges from the act of trivializing rape, teaching women to avoid getting raped, taking the accusations lightly, saying only promiscuous people get assaulted, claiming men do not get raped, defining  “man or womanhood”, continuing the display of sexual violence in movies without appropriately displaying the consequences too, the act of weighing the causes of the rape like checking for the victims outfit, rape location,  motives and mental state of culprit, altering rape reports and hiding them in an effort to prevent shaming, tolerance of sexual harassment for fear of losing work or favor and worst trying to makes jokes out of a rape/assault situation or making sexually explicit and offensive jokes.


Effects of Victim Blaming.

Rape culture was the first effect of victim blaming and the mother of all effects known and yet to be uncovered. It has caused lots of assault victims to keep their pain and experience discreet, hurting themselves and it goes back to hurt everyone else one way or the other as they interact with the victims of unreported rape cases.

For every rape victim blamed or questioned as to the authenticity of their story, the cause of their vulnerability and or why they did not figure the motive of the culprit, it interprets to making them fabricators, liars, attention seeker and weaklings.

Many of our angry and aggressive bosses at work are traumatized assault victims. Many of the rude girls/boys and toxic personalities are victims of unheard assault or shamed assault victims who have developed shells and capsules of hatred to many humans (homophobia) as a form of self protection.

Victim Blaming and rape trivializing “boys would always be boys” has caused so much increase in the cases of rape in the world.

images (1).jpg

Because “boys would always be boys”, teens are now involved in the raping of young girls or even women older than they are in a bid to prove they are part of the cool gang.

Any form of Victim Blaming is a direct form of rape support.

Victim Blaming can never be justified and should not be taken lightly. Any person that blames a victim for their victimization is a potential rapist and should be treated as an accomplice.
Although many cases of false rape call out and  reports is rampant, no one should be comfortable questioning or doubting a rape case report without proper verification and investigation.


The effects of victim blaming cannot be overemphasized. Rape and assault would not be curbed if any form of victim blaming is let to pass under the carpet unfixed and tackled.

We are all potential assault victims therefore, it is an obligation upon us all to advocate against assault and victim shaming/blaming. Irrespective of where you work, who you interact with, where it is located and the person in question. You must straighten any misconception or misjudgment/statement on assault.

We must all stop the act of hiding rape cases in an effort to prevent shaming otherwise, more touts would be found taking part in it as the day passes.

Every assault case is your business and the educating of children and colleagues on ways to protect one self is your responsibility.


Stop the act of victim blaming because no one is too much to become a victim, no one is protected enough, no one is smart enough, no one is strong enough. if you think you are, then what about the person next to you? how about your loved ones? what about your siblings and kids?

Thank you for reading.🙌

I hope you learnt enough to educate someone on what victim blaming and it forms are. do not forget to share the link with friends.

Drop a comment on what you think about assault victim blaming.

Do you agree it is the victims fault by any chance ?

Disclaimer; This post was made from research on the web, self caved statement and every one was quoted. it is not intended as a threat but just a post made to increase awareness and make the reader realize their position on the campaign against rape and rape victim shaming/blaming.

Are Male Bloggers Gay ?! 

Blogging as an occupation,  whether full or half-time in this part of our world is still seen as the act of gossiping and jumping into what doesn’t concern you or worst more, the parking lot of an unemployed person wanting to be seen as someone doing something rather than being said to be jobless. 

It ain’t a ”women-only thing” too dearest sister or brother!  Because blogging goes a long way from what we perceive it to be and also what the bad eggs had it labelled into. 

 Male bloggers are not homosexuals!
Counter to beliefs and stereotyping that a guy who blogs or and especially is into fashion/style blogging is either homosexual or bisexual is a big fat and cheap misconception!. 

Blogging and Sexuality! 

An individual’s sexuality (Sexuality is the sexual habits or desires of a person) has absolutely no relationship with their blogging (Blogging or Blog is a website on which someone writes about personal opinions,  activities,  and experiences).  I insist on stating it clearly again that ”because a male blogs doesn’t mean he loves the next man or any man at all.” 

Or is blogging a man?  

At this age and century,  the last thing a supposedly civilized, well educated and exposed  being like you is expected to believe or buy along with is Stereotyping ! Not of blogging and sexuality alone but of any kind at all. 

What intrigued me into writing on this topic ?! 

I hear and see people snapping at males for being bloggers and calling them perverts. 

Hey there!  Homosexuals are great and able humans who have got a reason and right to their sexual desires and it is not intelligent in any shade to paint them red! 

Talking about why I am concerned as to why male bloggers are termed as Gay is simple;  Because we feel blogging is for the females and so for a man to blog, he is being feminine and thus, a potential homosexual?! 

Potential until proven otherwise by declaration right?  

It is completely wrong to even start these series of thoughts in the first place so cut it out. 

Bloggers Thought/Experiences on the topic.

I contacted reachable male bloggers  (53>) and a few females (20<). While a lot of them wanted anonymity, a very few others didn’t mind being identified.  I would mention a few and just interpret my findings afterwards. 

A very popular Actor/Style blogger said; Well, I have come a long way and it doesn’t affect me anymore but it almost stopped me at the beginning.  Even my family don’t believe I am not gay although I have a girlfriend. And people on the otherside are entitled to their opinion as long as it doesn’t affect your marketing. 

No direct identification permission.

Kuyet Bamai a style blogger said;  Well it’s normal when people address men who are in fashion generally as homosexuals cos somehow society makes it seem as though a man shouldn’t be so into fashion or the way he looks. In this industry, you just need to focus on your focus and not what other people say about you. I’ve not had people address me directly but even if that ever happened I’ll probably just laugh and move on cos it’s totally ok for people to misunderstand.

Kuyet Bamai

Kene Kingsley a style blogger  said; First of all, being a male blogger has nothing to do with one sexuality. Besides,  at the end of the day, whatever sexuality anyone chooses to identify with is the person’s personal preference and I’ve not had anyone make reference to my sexuality as a blogger.

Kene Kingsley

An African lifestyle Blogger  said;  The truth remains that I don’t believe people’s opinion about me matters so much.. however I have not experienced such.

Organic Article

 Selfmadeuch A lifestyle/travel blogger  said;   Well, I must confess this is the first time of me hearing about this and I haven’t met any homosexual male blogger since the past 3 years I’ve been blogging.


Here’s what some well-respected female bloggers said. 👇 👇 

Northern Hibiscus, a lifestyle/entertaiment blogger said; I don’t know any thing about male bloggers walahi.  It’s just that men aren’t doing it, But you can do what you want to do because It’s a free world. 

Aisha Northern Hibiscus

A female life and Style blogger Debs said;   So far, it’s a myth that there’s nothing like male bloggers. People would normally think only females blog especially about style. 

I remember attending a blogger event one time and when I shared the group pictures, people were quick to judge the only male in the picture as being gay. 

I was a bit confused then as I wasn’t in the know of that misconception. But the truth is that as long as female blog about their style, life and other issues, the male folks shouldn’t be excluded from this too.           It doesn’t make them homosexual in any way, neither should it sparks controversy about what they stand for. 


Salmah Abdulsalam, a life/style/beauty blogger said; I have heard about male fashion bloggers being gays. I think it’s absolutely bullshit. Ones sexual orientation doesn’t have anything to do with them been fashion bloggers or not.

And my personal opinion on homosexuality: I just don’t care. Honestly. I’m so indifferent about it. I won’t hate anyone more or love anyone more because of their sexual orientations. We are human, we sin and worship differently.

Salmah Abdulsalam

Mindofamaka, a product photographer/lifestyle blogger said;  I mean there’s been speculation in relation to some, and some have been accused for it such. Apart from that, nothing comes to mind.
And Just because someone blogs about a certain thing doesn’t mean they’re homosexual. Some people just have interests in certain non conventional things. Even with that, just because one likes dressing well doesn’t mean they’re gay also. I think some guys also don’t display attributes linked to the typical “manly man” stereotype and this can also cause people to perceive them as homosexuals – when really, it’s just their personality and they’re perfectly straight.

Also,  thinking male bloggers are homosexuals would be a gross generalisation.

Mind Of Amaka

*****    A lot of other Fashion/Style male bloggers  also related their sexuality based problems. And a very high proportion seem to be perceived as homosexuals by the brands that approach them, co-bloggers and many audience they’ve met.  With many of them getting messages almost every day about it.  

In a nutshell,  a very high percentage  of people see male bloggers,  especially those into fashion and Style as low-key homosexuals and that has gone down to even co-bloggers(Females precisely). And it is either because you are a blogger or because of your blogging style, outfits and body language when you meet at events. 
But the fact still remains the same;  A male isn’t gay or homo/bisexual because he is a blogger.  

If all male bloggers are gay,  then why aren’t all known Gay bloggers?  

Everyone is an advocate for positive changes and stereotype-elimination so;  if someone makes such claims, counter them.  And if you had that notion, change it. 

Male bloggers are but bloggers! 

Disclaimer:  Everyone whose detail was posted gave their permissions and those who requested for anonymity had their opinions piled up into conclusions.

What are your thoughts on this topic?  

1. Have you heard anything about male bloggers especially style /fashion being Gay  ? 

2. If yes,  what is your opinion. 

3. If no,  Do you think male bloggers are homosexuals?

Thank you for reading  💐💟 

DIY: Egg Fried Bread 

This is a 5minute dish you can make when hungry and tired or on a busy/lazy day.

Why an Egg Fried Bread  ?

I’ll reccomend this because,

  • It’s easy to make.
  • The ingredients are easy to get.
  • It’s ready is five minutes.
  • You’ll never be too lazy to make it.
  • It’s yummy and clique.
  • You can do it yourself.

Check out the ingredients below !

  1. Bread (whole or sliced)
  2. Egg
  3. Spring onions
  4. Chili Peppers 
  5. Butter / oil (pick one)
  6.  Maggi/spices

 Other things you need include;

  • Spoon
  • Frying pan
  • Gas cooker /stove
  • Small bowl for mixing 
  • Knife / Grater
  • Water (to wash the ingredients)  
  • Waterproof gloves (for personal hygiene)

Note: You will have to slice the bread manually if it’s whole,  the amount of bread determines the quantity of egg,  pepper and onions.

Recipes .

I would go ahead to tell you how I made mine.

I must emphasize the significance of washing all of the ingredients and tools except for the bread.

  1. Whilst wearing the gloves to keep clean,  ”Slice the onions and peppers (you can grate)
  2.  Break the egg , add maggi, spices and whisk together with the sliced onions and pepper.
  3. Using a spoon,  rub the egg mixture on the bread.
  4. Then Add the butter-oil into the pan,  and heat it  until it’s hot ( just a little oil enough to fry two).
  5.  Drop the egg soaked bread into the hot oil to fry. Two per batch depending on the width of your pan.
  6.  It will turn golden brown after few seconds.
  7. Repeat 3,4 and 5 for the other slices.
  8.  Boo yah  !! That’s your meal ready.

Does the Egg fried bread goes with milk or juice? 

I would advise you use what’s at reach darling. Tea or juice  Remember we said you are hungry 😂?

But if you make this at your leisure time, I would  take on juice. Itll  give you the best feel.
Thank you for stopping by with regards from Waiman. 💌

Instant noodles is a life saver!! 

Today being Sunday,  I was out all day and only just returned at about 4:50pm Nigerian time. After having seen a  about indomitable on instagram earlier,  I really wanted to try it out and I did?👅

Well,  I first boiled water for a minute,  added the ramen(indomie) and let it cook for some seconds,  sliced Tarugu and tatasai (pepper) and tomato then allowed it to cook before adding the spices and stirred it.  And all that within 20minute 👌and the food was ready. 

Hope you like it?

This is how I usually like my ramen.  Simple with little red and green highlights. 

 How about you? 

Check Dame’s blog for more noodles preparing expo. 

Amaka too could be of help. Just click !! 

Male Rape; Breaking the silence.               

What does the society care about the male child’s real situation….. What does it care about the sexual  torment, violence or harrassment they are facing ?

A rather higher proportion of rape cases unheard are that of male rape or sexual violence, but because the world defines rape only as the exploration of females without their consent,  almost all the male victims become helpless and are forced to be silent. 

The incidents of reports of such rape is severely low . 

From male-male to female-male rapes,  none is heard because they assume you are not vulnerable to be raped by a man and a woman can not rape a man without his consent because men love sex. 

I met a victim recently and he told me this….. 

My uncle ruined me. How can I ever forget the first day he approached my peace.  How he held a helpless me and sucked at my ears,  tried to play with my flaccid penis and the smooches that caused me pains not pleasure. I was resentful of him, I was irritated,  felt toyed with and humiliated.  I really felt it even at my young age. I was his stress drainer,  his go-to relaxation piece. He had me at his service and with nobody to shield me from him. 

Every day I imagine all of the possibilities potential to my liberation from such torment and assault but none ever presented itself. 

Just when I was about to ignite my guts and speak out to my anty,  a boy in our neighborhood was beaten to one-eye blindness by the youths for calling out and reporting an elderly man for sexually assaulting him. His rapist was neither  confronted nor questioned but instead,  the boy was called a liar, humiliated,  dejected and stigmatized. Everything time he was talked about,  it made my masculinity threatened and made me feel weak.  

They all believe a male cannot be raped without his consent or by him exhibiting a behavior that attracts the rapist or by just being homosexual in the first place. 

I started to accept my faith.  Became more welcoming than rebellious,  more calm than tensed,  more accommodation than spiteful.  But late in the darkness of each night I cry,  I bite my fingers and feel so much pain whether I sit or lie,  when I walk or  at the rare chance I try to run. 

Another victim told me……. 

I was 14 when it all started with my anty.  She played porn videos in my presence and during the night while I was asleep,  I wake up to her playing with my manhood. It felt disgusting but I never really protested because she always thought I was asleep.  And as months passed, she showed me her feelings clearly.  She had me bath with her and licked her vagina while she moans to the pleasure.  When I try to refuse,  she makes reference to my erection and claims I wanted it to.  She made me penetrate her and even have me lay on the bed while she sits heavily on me. 

Picture not associated with narration.

I lost myself,  my person and a meaning to my existence. I never wanted the night to reach or the weekends to come through.  I was always looking forward to a reason to leave home because it sounded extremely stupid to my own self speaking about it with anyone.  I felt like a perpetrator too and not a victim.  

I am still shattered even  eight years away from it today and find no pleasure in a woman no matter how hard I try. 

Male rape is a huge and horrible as well as ghosted evil in our society.  A lot of kids and male children face daily  hell-fall with or without the knowledge of the society.  

Image from web

They are made to settle or accept the mirage fact that there is nothing to do about it.  Because this is something done to them by someone untouchable or unsuspecting. 

Maybe their babysitters, female/male Doctors, masters, aunties,  uncles,  tutors, parents friends, school seniors,  guardians, neighbor  or even fathers.

Out of the many effects of male  rape is  a resulting emotional and physical trauma,  soft tissue injuries,  laceration,  and also sexually transmitted diseases.

Due to the difficulty or total impossibility of reporting the case, the mental health of the victim get affected, and this usually leads to depression,  Traumatic stress or post-traumatic stress disorders,  panic disorder,  drug abuse and suicidal thoughts. It causes poor achievement in life and problems in their relationships as they grow. 

It causes confusion over gender and sexual identity which is why you see many young male acting strange in a verge between homo,  hetero and bi-sexuality today. 

It also develops homophobia and a sense of lack of self control,  low esteem,  feminine or fearful personality  and total lack of confidence in manhood. 

Thank you for reading.  

Please play a part by sharing,  and increasing awareness for the need to look out for these cases by parents, friends and family members. 

You never know what is destroying your loved ones 💔💔❗️

Lend a voice and so they can speak up too. 

Have you heard of breast ironing!! 

Click on the link below to read this heart breaking piece by Olotu Funke.

Disclaimer :  None of the pictures or narrative is directly associated with me or the victims who both wished for absolute discretion.