Rape and Assault; Victim Blaming. 

Rape is fast becoming an epidemic problem in our society with the incidence hiking up daily.  It ranges from cases of date, strangers,  friends,  relatives and even parents rape.

While many try to talk ways towards ending it,  a better number of the population allot  blames in folds to the perpetrators and annoyingly to the victims.

 It is the work of the devil……

That is what every exposed rapist says when about to be punished.

Victim Blaming


 Due to the wide acceptance of ‘rape myth’ , victims are held responsible for their victimization.

Sadly, the Society is usually more forgiving of date rape perpetrators  and attributes a higher level of blame and criticism to date rape victims than to stranger rape victims.

It is said that people blame victims of assault because according to the theory of  ‘just world’, people get what they deserve and deserve what they get.

People believe that good things happen to good people and the bad things to bad people.

Just World believers agree that  the world is safe and protected even in the face of harsh reality. And this belief extends to rape.  They preserve their beliefs by distracting the victims suffering or in fact blaming them for what happened.
A researcher,  Walster (1966) suggests that people judge the severity of events as a function of harm caused. If the victim is not severely harmed, the event is seen as an accident. However, as the level of harm increases, the fear that ‘‘this could happen to me’’ also increases.

Most people blame the victims just so they could feel a sense of control, safety, and protection from the rape. They do not want to agree or believe it to be reasonable that the victims could be victims and therefore, even they do could be.

Do you know what it means to blame a victim ?

Victim Blaming is such a vile thing done by lots due to their careless form of interactions and usually in an effort to make sense and to be heard.

It ranges from the act of trivializing rape, teaching women to avoid getting raped, taking the accusations lightly, saying only promiscuous people get assaulted, claiming men do not get raped, defining  “man or womanhood”, continuing the display of sexual violence in movies without appropriately displaying the consequences too, the act of weighing the causes of the rape like checking for the victims outfit, rape location,  motives and mental state of culprit, altering rape reports and hiding them in an effort to prevent shaming, tolerance of sexual harassment for fear of losing work or favor and worst trying to makes jokes out of a rape/assault situation or making sexually explicit and offensive jokes.


Effects of Victim Blaming.

Rape culture was the first effect of victim blaming and the mother of all effects known and yet to be uncovered. It has caused lots of assault victims to keep their pain and experience discreet, hurting themselves and it goes back to hurt everyone else one way or the other as they interact with the victims of unreported rape cases.

For every rape victim blamed or questioned as to the authenticity of their story, the cause of their vulnerability and or why they did not figure the motive of the culprit, it interprets to making them fabricators, liars, attention seeker and weaklings.

Many of our angry and aggressive bosses at work are traumatized assault victims. Many of the rude girls/boys and toxic personalities are victims of unheard assault or shamed assault victims who have developed shells and capsules of hatred to many humans (homophobia) as a form of self protection.

Victim Blaming and rape trivializing “boys would always be boys” has caused so much increase in the cases of rape in the world.

images (1).jpg

Because “boys would always be boys”, teens are now involved in the raping of young girls or even women older than they are in a bid to prove they are part of the cool gang.

Any form of Victim Blaming is a direct form of rape support.

Victim Blaming can never be justified and should not be taken lightly. Any person that blames a victim for their victimization is a potential rapist and should be treated as an accomplice.
Although many cases of false rape call out and  reports is rampant, no one should be comfortable questioning or doubting a rape case report without proper verification and investigation.


The effects of victim blaming cannot be overemphasized. Rape and assault would not be curbed if any form of victim blaming is let to pass under the carpet unfixed and tackled.

We are all potential assault victims therefore, it is an obligation upon us all to advocate against assault and victim shaming/blaming. Irrespective of where you work, who you interact with, where it is located and the person in question. You must straighten any misconception or misjudgment/statement on assault.

We must all stop the act of hiding rape cases in an effort to prevent shaming otherwise, more touts would be found taking part in it as the day passes.

Every assault case is your business and the educating of children and colleagues on ways to protect one self is your responsibility.


Stop the act of victim blaming because no one is too much to become a victim, no one is protected enough, no one is smart enough, no one is strong enough. if you think you are, then what about the person next to you? how about your loved ones? what about your siblings and kids?

Thank you for reading.🙌

I hope you learnt enough to educate someone on what victim blaming and it forms are. do not forget to share the link with friends.

Drop a comment on what you think about assault victim blaming.

Do you agree it is the victims fault by any chance ?

Disclaimer; This post was made from research on the web, self caved statement and every one was quoted. it is not intended as a threat but just a post made to increase awareness and make the reader realize their position on the campaign against rape and rape victim shaming/blaming.



  1. 'seyi · October 16

    Honestly,if everyone could see reason like this,the world would have been a better place
    Besides, are there still people who thinks bad things happen to bad people because am shocked, bad things happen to good people.

    I hate the word rape,not to talk of talking about it, its just too heart wrenching


    • Everything Waiman · October 17

      Lol yes true. People still have that belief. They’ll give you a bad eye if you complain or experience something bad because they suspect you did something bad thing to get what you got. On rape, it’s so sad hun

      Liked by 1 person

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